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Contractual Defense Protection for Design Professionals


Your client wants you to agree to defend them against third party claims that result from your firm's negligence. However, your professional liability and your general liability insurance policies do not cover this exposure.


Contractual Defense Protection for Engineers and Architects
  • Exposing your firm to uninsurable defense expenses for third party claims.

  • Potential negative impact on project profit margins.

  • Lost business and income by walking away from otherwise good projects because of contractual concerns.


Founders Specialty now provides an innovative solution to this challenge. The Contractual Defense Protection © Insurance Policy offered by Aspen Insurance addresses the exposure.

The policy works in tandem with your primary professional liability insurance policy by covering the gap created by the contractual liability exclusion.


  • There is no deductible under the policy

  • Aspen will pay for the costs incurred in defending a client against a third party claim on an 80-20 coinsurance basis.

  • Aspen will be there every step of the way for advice and guidance as to the best way to fulfill the duty to defend obligation for the least cost possible.


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